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WATERWORKS October 6th 2010

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When the representatives of the Aitkin County Lakes And Rivers Association (ACLARA) gathered on October 1st for our Fall Banquet, this was my toast at the beginning of our dinner to those present, “Here’s to Clean Water and to Safe Boating!” This Coalition, that now consists of 19 Lake Associations, was called together for three training sessions in the summer of 2004, and it formally organized in April 2005. Each year since then we have grown and provided a place where lake associations can share news and ideas, training and programs for their members.

ACLARA is currently streamlining its by-laws, and as part of the drafting team, I was very satisfied with the updated language in the Statement of Purpose.


The Aitkin County Lakes And Rivers Association, referred to as “ACLARA,” serves in Aitkin County to:

A. Protect, preserve, and improve the waters and shoreland of Aitkin County, enhancing aesthetic, economic, and recreational values.

B. Serve as a voice of the membership to governmental bodies and their agencies.

C. Inform and persuade citizens of the County in becoming more effective stewards
of our water resources.

D. Connect and communicate with individual lake and river associations and with coalitions in Minnesota.

E. Support safety and courtesy in the use of county waters and the use of shoreland, and support compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

That’s what ACLARA is about.

After the meal last Friday we had a program of telling favorite fish stories. Getting out on the water and onto the ice is just a lot of fun. As docks are taken in and we pull our boats onto the shore, Fall colors have never been brighter and water clarity is reaching its peak.

Yes, indeed, clean water and safe boating for all!

(Gordon Prickett is President of the Aitkin County Lakes And Rivers Association)

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