Monday, April 6, 2009

The Eagles Have Landed

We took a walk past our nearby eagle nest on Palm Sunday. Pam Perry of the DNR's Non-Game Wildlife Section had said recently that bald eagles in this region will be nesting in April. As yet we hadn't seen any sign of them. Geese, swans, and ducks have been spotted already. Eagles have returned elsewhere, but not the pair on our north shore, we thought.

I looked through binouculars at the nest as we approached it from the east. No activity was apparent around this large nest at the top of the tall white pine. Directly below the nest I stopped and was peering up when my wife called, "Here he comes!"

Flying over us at low altitude, and circling, was an agitated eagle. We walked on ahead without delay. Safely beyond the nest, I stopped and looked back. Perched above the nest, and watching us closely, sat Mr. Eagle. We only saw one bird. I'm pretty sure his partner was on the nest, out of our view.

In about two weeks the ice will be out, and fishing season on Nord Lake will start for these returning neighbors.

Welcome back!

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